Let’s Archi-nect?!

The last Thursday of every month

Hi guys, Troy here

The Vancouver Architecture community is a small one and over the years we've all moved around, made new connections, shifted our career paths and some of us even had kids!

I propose that we endeavor to meet on the last Thursday of each month to just catch up, chat shop and show baby pictures!

Locations will be decided last minute but will be generally downtown and the setting will be casual. You can show up just for a drink or stay for food.

Feel free to invite whoever you set fit. I see this as a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and introduce like-minded people in a very informal fun atmosphere.

Nathan, Troy and Elmira

Nathan, Troy and Elmira

November Gathering

Cactus Club - Yaletown

A whopping three of us turned up and had a great couple of hours chatting and laughing about all things Architecture and not Architecture.

I didn’t realize how well I knew these guys until we took some time to sit down and catch up on things going on in our lives. It’s great to see them doing so well and how much all of us have progressed in the past few years.

The excitement and enthusiasm grew in us throughout the night about how great this monthly meet up could become and we’ve vowed to make a go of it and spread the word as best we can.

Elmira, Ryan and Troy

Elmira, Ryan and Troy

January Gathering

Cactus Club - Yaletown

This January we saw a whopping 25% growth in Archi-nect, with attendance soaring from 3 to 4 people!

Elmira, Neal and Troy

Elmira, Neal and Troy

But seriously it was great to catch up with some familiar faces, chat about things inside and outside of Architecture and I did get a lot of apology texts saying “Sorry Dude can’t make it this time but I will be there next month” so it’s looking promising!

Remember the last Thursday of every month I will be there without fail even if I have to sit at the bar by myself!

The next gathering…

28th of February

The next meet up is on the 28th of February which is payday! Come out and spend them hard earned bucks!

Location: To be decided and suggestions very welcome!
Time: 6pm onward

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Keep informed

Why not add a repeating event on your calendar or join the Facebook event so if you find yourself at a loose end on the last Thursday of the month you can join us?!