The Brief

Baltic Refrigeration have been operating for a few years and wanted to up their game in regards to their branding, the products and services they offer and their customer reach. We did this by…

  • Creating Brand Consistency through out all their print and digital platforms

  • Creating on brand content Photography, Videography & Drone (Which was a fun day out with Lee!)

  • Design a new website which involved curating their products and services into a clear to understand package

  • Rolling out the brand on multiple social media platforms as well as such platforms as Google Maps

  • Setting them up with an easy to manage email system linked to the website and professional looking when emailing out

  • Train them on how to manage all of the above. Which is a lot easier than you think!




Film & Photography

Social/online Platforms

Sounds easy and obvious but creating brand consistency throughout all platforms you use online both visually and in the copy/tone of voice is so important to give people who are viewing your company a sense of trust that they are dealing with a well run reputable business that can deliver what they are promising





Google Maps



I Scream,
You Scream,
We all Scream,
For Ice Cream!


It was an absolute pleasure to work with you Lee. Here’s to seeing what’s next for Baltic Refrigeration in the near future!