Throwback Thursday - An unorthodox job application...

When you want something you just have to go for it!

In 2013 while in Vancouver Canada I found a business development role within MGA and figured I’d show them I am not one to shy away from an opportunity!

Unfortunately visa issues were to put a stop to pursuing this role but I can confirm that MGA did reach out because of this application and all effort was not lost as a digital marketing agency back in Ireland saw the application as well and I ended up working for them when I returned to Ireland shortly after!

Lesson learned…

If you are going to do something put your all into it, don’t worry about looking bad and make sure to record it!

  • If you don’t record it then it’s only a moment in time that gets lost in the past

  • If you do record it then that moment in time can be shared with those who weren’t there growing its publicity and reach exponentially

“If you didn’t record it it didn’t happen!” - Creative Troy

PDF accompanying the application…

I took a guess that Michael Green reviewed applications on his Ipad and designed the PDF to work like a webpage on an Ipad.