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Here are some of the projects I have worked on over the past few years. They are varied in briefs and what skill sets were required to get the job done.


Yamamori Website

Dublin, Ireland

marketing strategy - project management - content creation - standard operating proceedures

Brief - To redesign Yamamori’s website and social media platforms creating brand consistency throughout the Yamamori umbrella and increase traffic to the platforms which is completely traceable allowing managers to see where their efforts are being best placed.


usail adult sailing program

Dublin, Ireland

marketing - management - content creation - policies + procedures

The Royal Saint George Yacht Club had 4x large keel boats for training adults but were not reaching full capacity on their courses. I wrote a syllabus tailored to the target market, created a marketing strategy, implemented the strategy and managed the course over the summer season.

Izakaya Sake Bar

izakaya sake bar

Dublin, Ireland

Branding - interior design - signage - art installation

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Model Works

model works

Dublin, Ireland

branding - web design - Interior Design - marketing strategy - creative direction - business development

After a thorough analysis of Model Works and the services it provided we decided to split the company into two departments. "Planning Works" and "Marketing Works" playing on the word "Works" in the name which the founder deemed important to keep as it was well established over 35 years.

Having two departments made it easier for clients to see what services were provided and which were more applicable to them as both departments still service the building and development industry but at very different times in a projects life.

This also made for much clearer roles and designated work for individuals and teams within the company.

Laser Masters World Championships

Laser Masters World Champs 2018

Dublin, Ireland

presenting - filming - content creation - social media marketing

I had the pleasure of being trusted to cover this event on social media posting content each day to Facebook and Instagram to engage the public, spectators and competitors. Giving unique insights into the event, important day to day information for the competitors and what is involved in running an event of this size.

All posts were completely organic with no paid for advertising behind them and the Facebook insights will be an incredibly important tool going forward for the clubs when looking for sponsors for future events as they will be able to show potential sponsors the kind of engagement they can expect when being involved in an event like this.

BC Tripsters

BC Tripsters

Vancouver, Canada

brand creation - marketing strategy - web design

Stay tuned a full write up about this project is coming soon!

Kapu Kai Charters

Kapu Kai Charters

Hawaii, USA

branding - web design - marketing strategy - social media

Stay tuned a full write up about this project is coming soon!

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