The Brief

To redesign Yamamori’s website and Social Media Platforms to create brand consistency throughout the yamamori umbrella


Front end

  • Make it more user friendly for visitors to navigate through the multiple brands

  • Create beautiful content that represents each brand through collaborating with photographers, videographers and graphic artists.

Back end

  • Link Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics to follow how effective online advertising is

  • Integrate ResDiary Booking system

  • Make sure the brands message is consistent through all platforms such as google maps, facebook, instagram, tripadvisor, yelp.


The Team

This was a team effort which included the internal Yamamori Team along with some incredibly talented individuals in Film, Photography, Graphic Design, Copy writing and Analytics.


Integrated Platforms

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Artboard 36500 pixels.png


Our website platform which allows quick updates, digital marketing tools and easy integration of other platforms

Artboard 36 copy 2500 pixels.png


We embedded ResDiary into our website allowing customers to book with ease and making it easy for staff in the restaurants to manage those bookings which in turn reduces waiting times and stress, increasing our customers awesome Yamamori experience!



Zapier allows us to automate certain actions such as notifying us when someone has done something on the website such as signing up to a mailing list or when someone messages a Facebook page. This means all our communication is centralized and Yamamori doesn’t miss anything from a customer.


Analytics Tools

A nice looking “On Brand” website is great but there’s so much more to it! A website is an on going project which evolves over time. Every change you make should be tracked to see what effect it has had in regards to user navigation of the site and successful calls to action such as “Sign Up” or “Book Now” These are the tools we integrated into this site to allow us to see how it is performing which in turn lets us know if our marketing goals are being achieved.

Artboard 36 copy 4500 pixels.png

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic, currently as a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand. By reviewing this each month we are able to see what initiatives were most effective and create more accurate goals.


Facebook & pixel

Integrating Facebook and ensuring brand consistency throughout all platforms was a priority.

Embedding Facebook Pixel allows us to track what traffic is coming from Facebook to our website allowing us to see the impact our social media advertising.



Hotjar allows us to see how people are interacting with the user interface of the website allowing us to make small changes which sometimes can create big results!


Social Media

Your website isn’t just your website anymore!

Artboard 36 copy 6500 pixels.png


Although Facebook doesn’t seem so prevalent on the website visually it is an integral tool of communication to Yamamori’s customers and we utilize it to spread news to them.

Artboard 36 copy 7500 pixels.png


By linking Instagram to the website we have a live page of images constantly updating which gives more life to the pages.

We also have the legend himself Dilson who manages organic reach on all social media platforms.

Artboard 36 copy 8500 pixels.png


SocialKIT allows us to embed certain parts of Facebook into our webpage such as Events this has been great for the nightclubs as we can give monitored access to promoters who are running events within Yamamori.



Well I’m not going to get into the specifics of my clients business but I can say we’ve seen positive results and are working each month to refine the brand message.

2019 is going to be a very fun year because now that we have the platform set up and running we can concentrate our attention on creating some fun, engaging marketing initiatives and see how effective they really are!